Do Guys Like To Shop For Physique Lotion?

This may possibly look like a funny subject to talk about but as you study, you will obtain that there are much more guys out There than you believe that do not like to shop, particularly for themselves. The truth may possibly hurt but the truth is nevertheless the truth. Most guys do not like to shop, regardless of whether it is with their wives for their wives or regardless of whether it is with their wives for themselves.

Let’s appear at the typical man purchasing with his wife for, and yes you guessed it, HER clothing. As he walks about the division shop, she now begins via the ladies section. He has to stroll via the lingerie division. There is nothing at all much more embarrassing to a man than walking previous all the panties and bras that will make a man really feel squeamish. Why do all these things have to come in so numerous colors? No one particular truly sees them except her husband and her physician. Why can not they just be like the men’s beneath put on, white or black?

As significantly as he pretends to be interested, ladies, he truly is not. Never you ladies know when THE FOOTBALL game is on? Now we come to the portion exactly where she will take numerous, and I can not place a genuine correct quantity on the word numerous, pieces of clothes into the tiny modify area. This modify area door does not even go all the way to the floor so you have to stand outdoors and watch the clothing fall to the floor as she modifications. Now comes the moment of TRUTH, as she comes out with one particular of the numerous outfits that she has taken into this tiny modify area, and the query is asked, ” do you like this one particular?” as she walks about and up and down the isle. How does a man answer that query? For most guys, they will give their wife the answer they want to hear since the wife has provided the husband a hint, when she says, ” I like this one particular, what do you believe?” That is a major query and the answer is, “why yes”. Now guys dread the subsequent query, “do these pants make me appear fat?” There are two answers to this queries, but truly in actual reality there is only 1 Correct answer to that query. If I have to inform you the answer then you are beyond enable or you have not been married pretty lengthy.

Now it is his turn to shop for some clothing. So you enter the men’s division. She nevertheless thinks she is purchasing for herself and she nevertheless thinks this is entertaining. You choose out one particular pair of pants and you proceed into this, when once again, pretty tiny modify area. Now don’t forget the door does not go all the way to the floor so be cautious how you undress, or need to I say modify, heaven forbid some other wife is with her husband standing out there glancing at your door. Guys like to attempt on only one particular pair of pants and have it accomplished and more than with, don’t forget THE FOOTBALL GAME is coming on quickly. As you come out for your wife’s approval she is no exactly where to be observed, she is off someplace discovering you numerous, right here we are back to that word numerous once again, much more things to attempt on. As you stand there with strangers hunting at you, you now proceed out into the division section to obtain your wife. Oh right here she comes with much more pants and shirts for you to attempt on, oh goodie, I can not wait. Two hours have now passed, and you believed it would only be about 45 minutes. The FOOTBALL GAME is on in one particular hour. Now you get started agreeing with what even she says and brings you. At this stage who cares what you will appear like at the workplace tomorrow?

What guys are truly shy purchasing for is physique lotion for themselves. This is anything which make guys really feel a tiny feminine and guys would rather not shop for what ladies contact beauty merchandise. Not that he does not require physique lotion but he’d rather have his wife invest in it for him or he will invest in it on line someplace. As lengthy as he does not have to physically go into the shop and obtain men’s physique lotion himself.

So to answer the query, do guys like to shop for physique lotion, the answer is no. Guys do not like to shop. I guess guys just really feel funny physically going into a shop with a female sales individual, and asking for physique lotion for guys. It is o k to speak to your wife about mens physique lotion, but to speak to a comprehensive stranger, particularly a young female sales individual about physique lotion for guys is freaky for guys.

There are numerous types of mens physique lotions, and once again like purchasing for the clothing, he just desires to get in there and get out, why, since this is all new to guys and guys are nevertheless shy about purchasing for themselves particularly when it comes to male beauty merchandise. Keep in mind THE FOOTBALL GAME is coming on, and that is his excuse.